Dance Contempra's philosophy is different than other studios. Our approach is balanced and loving …even if sometimes it’s a little “tough love”.  We are passionate about teaching dance and building relationships with our students that last a lifetime. 

Due to the current trends of dance in media, studio dance classes are depicted as a harsh experience in which students are yelled at; belittled; or ridiculed by teachers in order to achieve greatness. Dance Contempra believes this process is not necessary for students to achieve growth and reach their goals with dance. In our 14 years of business we have found that students who are taught in a stressful environment view dance, as well as instruction and performing, in a negative manner and ultimately end their dance careers prematurely. It is because of our positive and hands on approach to instruction that we “graduate” more students of dance than competing studios in the area. Dance Contempra’s teaching philosophy encompasses both the physical and academic aspects of dance. We understand the importance that society has places on college degrees and push our students to consider all options of pursuing a higher education. We pride ourselves on the number of our students who have moved on to dance, teach, and perform as professionals in the community. Our philosophy encourages both the parents and the students to understand the benefits of dance within the studio and outside of it (including improvement in posture, poise, confidence, mind-body coordination, flexibility, and discipline to list a few). We strive to bring positive dance education to all ages and genders as a way to aid in the student’s success through all aspects of life.

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We are passionate about teaching the art of dance to anyone from age 3 through pre-professional levels. Our approach is fresh and unique with amazing results. We take pride in our personalized instruction to help you or your child achieve their dance goals.


Our Faculty and Staff work together to teach and inspire our group of students...Using a variety of teaching methods in order to obtain an inspired and well rounded dancer!

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Each year Dance Contempra performs a winter show and spring recital.Come see our students perform! 

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